It seems that lately, we hear too much about
the negative things women do to each other
and not enough about the success and supportive
relationships that foster and result in wonderful
friendship, blossoming businesses and all-round
awesomeness. I don’t know about you, but I’m
tired of hearing only negative things when I know

women are capable of so much positive things.

Sometimes it can be pretty tough to support
one another when life often feels like an ongoing
competition but in the grand scheme of things
if you can’t support your girl pals, who can you
support? Whether you are working together on
a project or you are helping a good friend through
a tough time, when women support each other:
It feels pretty good.

Have you ever felt like you are in competition
with your friend, but you wish you could lift
one another up instead? It happens everyday
and often without even realizing it as women,
we size one another up, we evaluate each
other to understand the competition and before
we know it, we feel threatened and defensive.
It happens in a competitive world. We all have
it in us to live this quote:  
“Behind every successful
woman is a tribe of other successful women, who
have her back.”

To empower one another to achieve great things,
here is how:
1. Listen and Learn.
2. Support each other; when we’re all supporting
    each other, we all win-making strides from all
3. Give genuine compliments.
4. Be authentic.
    There’s nothing like the real you and  showing that
    above all else is the way to make friends and build
    a support system. Let  true self shine  through and
    good things will follow.

From friends to co-workers, competitors and the likes,
its high time women stand together in support of one
another, taking the lessons of the quote and applying
them to everyday life.

What do you think, can you make it happen?

My name is Victoria
I stand with every woman!!!

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