Hahaha, so my first fashion post will be for the men… winks
Considering the fact that I got comments from readers who think I am taking a stand with only women… don’t get me wrong…
I stand with everyone!!!
As the title implies, I will be dropping tips for dressing sharp as a young man (obviously older men can tap into it), I mean, everyone has to look good irrespective of the age.

Moving from the ground up,
Appropriate fitting footwear is the first step to dressing sharp.
A very close friend of mine once told me that the first thing she looks out for in a man is his footwear. According to her, she said “you can judge a man by his shoes”. A good pair of shoes will last you years and stay looking good with nothing more than some light cleaning and the occasional shine.
Turn a blind eye to fashion trends. Most young men don’t have the budget to buy new pants every month or two. So
Stay away from pants that are only presentable during an “in” season.

Take good care of your clothing!!! 
Collectively speaking being young means having less money to throw around. You don’t have to employ your account just to look sharp and fashionable. Just take care of the ones you have now and protect your bigger investments with some proper maintenance.
Have at least one good suit in your closet
(or wardrobe like my people in Nigeria will call it… smiles).
No matter what your status is or your occupational status is, you’re going to need a decent suit at some points. If you’re in a field where you’re going to wear one regularly, you should diversify in choosing colours and styles. If you just need a single suit for infrequent dress occasions, stick with a classic navy blue, single breasted, two-buttons. Considering the fact that some guys will go with black, make sure you get your size.

Build from white and blue shirts!!!
Both colours make up approximately 90% of the dress shirts sold worldwide and either colour looks good on most complexions and body types. There’s nothing wrong with branching out into some other colours as your personal style evolves. Just have a good care of white and blues dress shirts. 

Own dark fitted jeans and know when to wear them.
Jean styles are always different: Rips, Tears, Distressed, Stone washed, Boot cut, Wide leg, Low rise, Skinny, Baggy. Keep it simple and stick to fitted jeans in a dark colour. You can wear them with a fitted T-shirts for a relaxed, casual look or dress them up with a buttoned shirt and a sport coat for a business casual style.
More tips coming through… Remember to dress sharp!!!

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