Howdy! Trust you are doing well and you are winning like we pray and hope you will? It doesn’t matter when it will come, have big faith.
All well and good, we would be talking philosophical today because that’s where the inspiration came from. Over the years, we have come to know of UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, RED CROSS and other non-governmental firms that donate aid to places were the condition of living beats our wildest imagination of how humans should be living. Notable scholars have argued for and against the obligation to help save lives or at least a life by donating part and if not all of the things that will be tagged “luxuries”i.e. what is left to spend after meeting all immediate and foreseeable needs.
The major bone of contention lies in the fact that charity is conceived a good thing, but is it mandatory? NO, it is not.
Consequently, when I read more, I came across an outstanding argument on the need “avoid killing to obligation to save a life”. Instances were inferred, like how it will be presumed bad of me to watch a little boy drowning when it will cost me nothing of significant value If I decide to save him. If I refuse to act, it will be the talk of the town for a while, but nobody can send you to jail for failing to act. In an instance where my life is at risk, will it be wrong to defend myself? Absolutely Not! The theory of rights has been infringed on.
At this juncture, it is my hope I have not lost you and riding along, you will agree with me that it is a good/Wonderful/amazing thing to help when we can afford to and when it cost us nothing of significant value but equating this with killing someone is too harsh a judgement. The question ultimately becomes: “What exactly are we aiming for?”

We are aiming for a Global community. One world, though diverse but united. If this is how you feel when you think about humanity then you have to join the movement. You have to help preach the message of UNIVERSALIZABILITY. You have to act it out in deeds, inscribe it in your hearts that it is OK to save a life or at least attempt to try.
Decisively, resonating with this course will help channel our collective energy towards building a better world where we are not just humans but brothers and as brothers we must learn to be our keepers. 

Keep winning!

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