It’s a great Saturday morning here. While some people have completed their early morning exercise some are still sleeping soundly procrastinating their exercise routine. But errrmm, is slim also fit? Do you ask yourself that question or ever wondered why most slim people don’t bother to exercise ? Chatting with Ibukun last-week made me realize the more that being slim doesn’t equate to fitness. Unfortunately many slim people are of the view that it is only those who are overweight or obese that have need for exercise.
It is erroneous to believe that as long as the individual is slim, then there is no need for him or her to exercise or engage in substantial physical exertion.
While it is true that overweight and obese people stand to greatly benefit from regular exercise, slim people also gain a lot from an increase in physical activities, as they are likely to improve overall health and help prevent serious diseases and certain types of cancer.
It is very possible to be slim and unhealthy while someone may be big and be in top shape. It is not for fun that some people attend the gym for regular muscle-toning programmes that help to keep them fit and healthy.
All part of the body require regular exercise to remain fit and to be in top shape. The ideas to undergo appropriate exercise programmes that can impact on the whole body so that the body and system generally are in good condition.
Studies have shown that physical activities can reduce anxiety and even prevent depression and the fact still remains that many slim people do suffer from mental and emotional stress, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other conditions that are triggered by sedentary living and lack of enough exercise.
Here are tips for slim people like me who are interested in staying fit and healthy at the same time. I think everyone should be interested…

1. Do Cardio Sessions

Do cardio exercise three to four times per week to improve heart and lung health. While cardio is great for the heart, it also burns calories for weight loss. If you are already skinny,you will need to avoid lengthy cardio sessions that can lead to further weight loss. Instead of hour-long jogs, aim to do short 30-minute sessions that are of moderate to high intensity. You can also change up the intensity of sessions by adding a few 20- to 30-second sprints into a 30-minute run. This helps elevate the heart rate but avoids the risk of muscle loss from long cardio sessions

2. Eat More

You will need to eat more calories overall in order to gain muscle and improve your fitness level. The body needs adequate energy intake to fuel workouts as well as everyday physical and mental activities. To gain a healthy pound per week, eat approximately 500 calories more per day for a total net gain of 3,500 calories per week. You can meet this criteria by adding in healthy snacks or meals such as consuming a protein shake before and after a workout; adding eggs with your usual breakfast toast; and a sweet potato with chicken and vegetable for dinner. It may not be hard to add extra calories for skinny people who already have poor diet habits and poor energy intakes.
3.Drink plenty of water, eight to 10 glasses daily, to keep your body hydrated during the day and while engaging in exercises.
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4. Stretch after each workout to prevent muscle soreness and increase flexibility. Perform stretches for five to 10 minutes, including toe touchers, reaching for the sky and the overhead reach side bend. Stand straight while extending your arms above your head. Place your hands together, and bend at the side as you lower your upper body toward the left. Stop when you feel a stretch along your right side, and hold the stretch for 10 counts. Repeat on the other side.

In addition to a regular fitness routine, you should eat a nutritious diet that consists of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats to improve heart health, muscle growth and energy levels.

In this light it is immaterial whether the individual is slim or obese. A well-rounded fitness routine that includes aerobic exercise, strength training and stretching helps you become fit inside and out. So the bottom line is that an increase in physical activities and regular exercise benefits all.
Always make fitness a routine. So plan your health and fitness goal for the week. Like my sister will always say “Do it for your health if you won’t do it for yourself”. I know it’s not that easy, just know you can do whatsoever you put your mind to do. Yes you can!!

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  • Living The Life
    March 4, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    Slim-fit is the real deal.
    It's good that you're pointing out the need for all round fitness again, a lot of us just take our health with levity on the basis of baseless excuses and mindsets.


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