It’s weekend people and I can just imagine the lush of happiness going down peoples body. YAY!😋😍😎😘😜.As much as I will love to sleep and rest this weekend from the week stress I have exams (great way to start the year isn’t?) to prepare for, which means less sleep for me😐😐😑.
Have trouble sleeping? I think we all do sometimes.
Why do people experience sleeplessness? 
For me its when I’m thinking too much or my mind is not at peace over things I’m yet to do.
Here is a little tip to help you whenever you find yourself in a sleepless situation.
Steps can be taken to correct the situation and aid deep slumber. Even insomnia can be treated if only the individuals can take time to study themselves, their lifestyles and thereby be able to trace the cause(s). Depending on individuals, different methods can be adopted to send one to sleep more quickly.
A mug of warm drink such as cocoa taken shortly before going to bed works. And if you are a short sleeper, which ,means you sleep for a short while and not that deeply, it is better to go to bed later than everyone so you don’t end up being restless in the midnight. Going to bed at the same time every night helps. You should also avoid sleeping during the day except it becomes absolutely necessary. this facilitates deeper and longer sleep at night.
Sometimes, certain foods taken at night are too heavy thereby preventing deep sleep. while it has been generally advised that light meals be taken at night, it is particularly important that individuals study themselves and the kinds of foods that go well with them at night.
Sleep is also aided if one endeavors to be happy and be in the right frame of mind before going to bed at night. One way to do this is to consciously try remember vividly events and things that have caused great happiness in the past. My little sister tells me that day dreaming helps, it helps to picture beautiful and serene scenes such as gardens or parks full of beautiful flowers and plants or lakes with exotic birds, serene countryside or what she will like to see turn into reality.
Do this and see how sleep will come readily to you. Enjoy revered readers.   

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