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At times we need to take time and thank our enemies; because without them, we might not be motivated, inspired, energized , strengthened to fight back and move to the next level.

Imagine all those people who opposed you , who conspired against you, who said you wouldn’t make it , who lied against you then , supported you?

How would have been inspired and motivated to take that bold step that brought you to that beautiful place where you are today?
Do you still think you will still be where you are today if he/she did not say those nasty things to you? Did not treat you like shit? Did not walk out on you and the kids? Did not reject you? Did not reject that your business proposal? Did not kick you out of their house?

Have you ever paused and thought about what pushed you to do that successfully thing on your own? You might count how many times that person that said no to you, offended you.

How wicked they were to you; but forget that without that No, they said to you; you wouldn’t have done it on your own in the first place.

At times we need to take time to show our enemies , to show all those people that wronged us huge appreciation. They are part of the reason why some of us are where we are today. Some of us couldn’t have done it without them❤️❤️

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