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Harmattan is here revered readers!!! It’s that time when the climate and everything ends up dry, dusty and chilly amid the early hours of the morning and late hours around evening time. For those who do not know,  harmattan is simply the winter of Nigeria (lol). Dust suddenly becomes your best friend and it’s not uncommon to walk by people on the road looking funny like they rubbed too much white powder all over their body.
Harmattan accompanies a ton of unfavorable things ranging cracked lips, flu, dry chesty cough, extreme dehydration, cracked and scaly looking skin  (more regrettable with individuals who have dry skin), hair breakage however to make reference to a few. Below are;
1. BE FIRE CONSCIOUS: Keep your home warm but remember harmattan is the season with most fire occurrences on the grounds that everything is dry and flammable!! Try not to leave a fire in whatever shape or frame unattended at any time to avoid fire and unbelievable harm to properties and lives.
2. MAKE PROTECTIVE STYLES:  Hairstyles that keep your ends covered up are the most fitting this season or on the other hand wrap your hair to shield it from dust. Moisturise hair to guarantee your hair doesn’t dry out absolutely and begins to break.
3. STAY AWAY FROM DUSTY ENVIRONMENT: Reduce exposure to dusty areas especially if you are asthmatic or have other respiratory conditions that can be irritated by dust. Cover your nose, close doors if you can just to minimize your contact with the dust directly !!! Wash curtains, wipe windows, fans with wet rags and service air conditioners as they tend to trap a lot of dust too.
4. ADJUST YOUR WARDROBE: Wear cloth warm enough to protect you from the cold.  Unfortunately, the weather gets super hot in the afternoons so keep an extra top in your bag that you can change into when the weather gets warmer!
5. MOISTURIZERS: Can’t stress this enough or who wants to go around with dry ashy skin? So in case you’re similar to me, this harmattan season has made my oily skin shockingly dry which is something I’m not typically used to. So I’ve needed to moisturize both externally and internally. Also, exfoliation is key in this season to keep that skin glowing! Moisturizers ensure your skin retain its water. They also make the outer skin super soft. Mixed with Vaseline, your skin will be soft to touch and extreme drought and skin cracks will be prevented.
6. STAY HYDRATED: Water! Water and more Water!!!! Since harmattan comes with very dry and humid weather conditions, dehydration becomes the order of the day. So staying hydrated is a top priority to be able to function well. Do not replace water with any other liquid but water only, else you will be doing your body a great disservice. A great way to remain hydrated is by taking fruits with high water content e.g watermelon etc.
7. TAKE VITAMINS SUPPLEMENTS: Harmattan comes with all kinds of related diseases such as flu, dry chesty painful coughs etc. Vitamin supplements help prevent some or reduce the symptoms of this diseases especially vitamin C.
Are there different ways that you keep yourself protected and sound in the midst of harmattan season? Share with me in the comment. I would love to learn more!!


  • Lustre
    December 5, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    I don't know how I've been surviving the harmattan season over the years😂😂 all I know is that the God that has been keeping us will continually keep us.

    Following your tips ain't any bad.🙌🙌🙌

  • Victoria Oyedepo
    December 7, 2018 at 8:54 am



    Thank you dear😙😙


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