Oh well,a guy was searching my bag one afternoon and I quickly grabbed it,(must have been a reflex action) on a normal day I don’t care who searches my bag. But really why search someone’s bag? Especially a lady.

So this leads to my question. Ladies what do you have in your bag? Can anyone check through your bag?


1. Safety pins: These are lifesavers, if you pop a button or a seam. Also, a small one can pinch-hit for a necklace clasp if yours suddenly breaks. It may seem dangerous to put this in a bag, just make sure you package it well and put it in a safe place in your bag.
2. Band-Aids: Not just for cuts and scrapes, band-aids will save your heels from painful new shoes.You can also use them to hide a nail with chipped polish.
3. Extra earring backs: There’s no hack for a lost earring back. You either have a spare or you don’t. This can be very embarrassing when one is missing and there is no extra. Some will just use that as an excuse to stay off earrings for that period.
4. Bloating papers: These absorbent little sheets are an elegant way to wipe away excess shine, oil, or even sweat on your brows, cheeks, upper lip and the likes.
5. USB Flash Drive: Keep this on your key-chain to back up important documents when you are traveling or giving a presentation out of the office.
6. Healthy snacks: It’s good to have a filling snack in your purse, this helps me a lot. Sometimes it’s not even about yourself, you might be saving someone from hunger.
7. Cellphone charger: Need can arise at any time for this.
8.Hand Sanitizer: It helps protect me as well anyone I come in contact with from spreading yucky germs.
9. Breath freshener
10. Tissues: You never want to be without one of these if you feel a sneeze coming in. I felt pretty embarrassed when someone asked if I had a tissue in public and my answer was NO. I have been going around with them ever since.
11. Identity card
12. Keys
13. Cell Phone
14. Pen
15. Sunglasses
16. Earpiece
Remember the less you carry,the less you have to  fumble through when you want to find your things! Less is better in your handbag. Before you put anything in your handbag, ask yourself, Do I really need this in here?
Let’s have your opinion…

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  • Anonymous
    January 22, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    What about light makeup kit, I think most ladies nowadays can't do without makeup in bags…


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