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Palazzo pants are amazing because they’re so incredibly comfortable. They’re stylish, comfortable, and above all versatile, so if you’re wondering whether they’re for you, or you’re stuck for ideas about how to wear palazzo pants, take the plunge and jump right in.. With the right styling, they can work for cold weather, but they’re really ideal for warmer weather because they’re so light.

Outfit by JB Stitches

Did you know  the word pallazo originated from Italian palazzo, from Latin palātium (“palace, large residence”), from Palātium (“Palatine”), one of the seven hills of Rome.

(Source; Wikipedia)

Outfit by JB stitches

Wondering what type of shoes to wear with it? I got you covered😛.Naturally, you want the emphasis to be firmly on your palazzo. but there’s no doubt that finding the right shoes to wear with palazzo pants gives the finishing touch. Although it may seem that your shoes are less important because they’ll be mostly hidden under the wide legs of your palazzos, it’s actually even more important to pick the right footwear if you only catch a fleeting glimpse. Elegant high heels are always a great choice, as they accent the length of your legs and the shapeliness of your feet. A summer outfit begs for strappy sandals, whilst classic heeled court shoes work wonderfully for a formal occasion. Mid-height heels also look good; low sandals are a comfortable option for a semi-casual theme. But don’t discount flat shoes either. A pair of espadrilles can totally make a sailor-style palazzo ensemble and sneakers give laid-back chic to a casual outfit.

Outfit by JB stitches

As most trends tend to do, palazzo pants have recently made a comeback… a pretty big one. It’s impossible to go on fashion blogs or even Pinterest without seeing at least one fabulous blogger wearing palazzo pants in a glam, yet completely effortless outfit just like my model here.

Outfit by JB stitches

Outfit by JB stitches

Women of all shapes and height can wear palazzo. If you are shorter or curvier, opt for palazzo pants that aren’t too loose or you can easily look overwhelmed, especially if you pick a bold design or bright color. Be careful to choose a well-fitting top or use light layering to avoid giving a larger impression. Taller women can wear very loose palazzo pants with confidence, but always remember to consider your overall impression when selecting the rest of your outfit.

Do you own palazzo pants? How do you wear them? Which outfit is your favorite? What kind of style tips do you want to see? Tell me in the comments.

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