In our world today we have many individuals who do not see themselves as being good enough. When these set of individuals look at the mirror what they see is their imperfections. It is quiet understandable to feel not good enough in a world where a lot is expected of you. But the big question is this;

What is the reason behind the fact some of us don’t feel good about ourselves?

There are certain factors that leads to an individual not having enough self-worth or zero self worth, and they include:
  1.  Domestic Violence: Yes! A lot of individuals who grew up under a roof where they were violated usually grow up with having very low self- esteem about themselves. A situation where a child grows up in a home where the father physically assaults either the mother or the children has a way it affects the belief system of such individual. Usually what happens is that the child loses connection with the world and prefers to be alone. Ultimately leading to a low sense of self worth.
  2. Alpha Males and females: Life in the 21st century has gotten more sophisticated and with this everyone is trying to do his/her best to be the one everyone runs to for answers. These alpha beings always paint a picture of being larger than life and when one can’t match up to their standards, one feels bad in the inside most especially when such individuals are friends, family members or even parents. It is all right to want to always call the shot and be the one everyone  runs to, if you feel you are cool with it, but what will be tagged has being wrong is when you deliberately kill the little lights in the eyes of people who look up to you but are discourage with he way you treat them. 
  3. Failure: I know right! It kills in the inside to fail at something because by so doing you give your haters a thousand and one reasons to tell you bullshit (Pardon my use of language). It is understood that when one fails at achieving his/her goals, it depresses such an individual and no matter how cool about it he/she may appear, it hurts them still. There is always this feeling of not being good enough so instead they go M.I.A(Missing in action) not because they really want to but because the world don’t accommodate failures.
  4. Perception of beauty: This one tends to fuck with everybody. Sometimes we get it wrong labeling beauty. If it’s not an hour glass shape then it’s ugly! If it’s not a pointed noise, it’s ugly! If it don’t have a big ass and large boobs then it is ugly. So much negative thinking has got people destroying their bodies all in the attempt of being beautiful. I may not be able to tell you what beauty truly means but I know God can. So instead of brooding over how you are not beautiful, go to Him and let Him show you how beautiful He has made you. Beauty is so much more and He alone can show you that.
  5. Failure to realize your worth: Since self esteem is about having self worth, how much do you think you are worth? Really! put a price tag on yourself. You are only worth something if you tag yourself ‘priceless.’

So far so good we’ve looked at some reasons that leads to having low self esteem and the solution is quite simple. Regardless of all that you see, hear and feel in the world, do not pay attention to all of that. If people won’t encourage you then you have to encourage you. The life you live is for you. You have to know you are a star and not be treated lesser. Your self esteem is what will open doors for you. So because you failed don’t mean you are a failure… You become a failure when you accept what people have to say about you. What do you have to say about you? Think about it.😊

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