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I want to formally welcome you all to this wonderful year. I am glad that we all pulled through 2016. I achieved way beyond my personal goals. However, this didn’t come without its attendant challenges.
Truth about 2017; if you do the same thing(s) you did in 2016, nothing is going to change. The year will only be new in terms of calendar. Repetition of words, praying and anointing oil in barrels will not give you a new year. But the right attitude, the right collaborations and relationships and work will give you the results you desire. Whether it’s the beginning, middle or end of the year.
In this year, those who wish you evil will not be able to comprehend you. You shall be wonder to them all. Like the Phoenix reborn from its ash, you are coming out stronger and better than what you were last year. I pray for you all my revered readers that loyal people will come your way. People that will be committed to you against all odds. People that won’t use your flaws against you. Your gains this year shall overwhelm your losses from last year. For everything you lost, you will get double; whether human material resources. They believe you are finished, that you can never rise again. I have a surprise for them all. They aiint seen nothing yet. I commit you all to the hand of the Lord to keep you safe, just as he kept you safe last year. I will not lose you and you will not lose me. Together we will make the year interesting.
A new year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. It’s your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. And please don’t write it without God. There is power in written words. When you write down your goals, they come alive to you and even serve as a reminder.
Cheers to more motivation
Cheers to more fashion ideas
Cheers to more captivating lifestyle
Cheers to a better year
Woo- hoo 2017, we made it.

Happy new year to you all

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