I am such a huge lover of shoes. My best fashion piece would be SHOES and I am currently counting down to having hundred pairs, lol. Call me a shoe freak.
Shoes are basic accessories yet they can break or make an outfit. When getting a new pair of shoes ,make sure you get your exact size not one size smaller or bigger (or are your feet stills growing?),

tight shoes give no room for your feet to breath which starts to make them smell (I’ve been there too) and also compresses your toenails which makes it very painful for you to walk (do you really want to go through that stress?).

Buying shoes that are bigger than your feet is just not on. It is quite unwise especially for men. The tricky part is pairing shoes with your clothing. Shoes are such a key feature in our dressing, so we have to be careful when picking them out.

Vivienne Westwood created yet another invention which many fashionistas feet are grateful for: rubber shoes, they go with almost everything. They are really comfortable and not too flashy which makes them perfect both for every outing.
Loafers are still very much in vogue, it goes with chinos and jeans.
Just when you are looking for a classic sporty look, pair your outfit with a pair of sneakers or tennis shoes, for both ladies and gentlemen. They can be worn with skirts, shorts, jeans, to achieve that simple sophisticated look.

Spice up your dressing by wearing bright coloured shoes.

Follow these rules and you are sure to have one of the best qualities known to a man: 
Happy feet!

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