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Have you noticed that some of the most bitter individuals you know always hating on people, seeing the worst in people, trying to find faults in others and pull others down have
four things in common:

  1. They are always facially challenged;
  2. They are always broke or financially challenged;
  3. They are height challenged;
  4. They are from very morally and socially challenged background. 

The need to castigate others come from a deeply sated complex personality issues. If you have everything going for you and you have been brought up to be contented and happy no matter what it may be, you will not find it in you to put people down. Check what I am telling you and stay away from people like this before they rub their shit on you. A pig does not play with a lamb.

If you are not happy for others and see good in them, you would never see good.
Call evil-evil; but do not call evil that which you do not know what it is about. Tell yourself that you will be genuinely happy for others and clean your heart of hate.
None of us is getting out of here alive, so while you live, let others live too!!!

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