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This beautiful Sunday, some persons may have woken up getting ready to go to church despite the grudge they bear in their hearts!
Can you picture what it is when there is a cluster of all sorts in a room and you want to bring in new stuff? There won’t be space for you to position things the way you want to so you must first clear out the place to take in new things!
That’s what happens when our hearts are so heavy as a result of what we have been through. When we hurt, we want the person who is the source of that wound to hurt as much as we do. But the bible provides a different perspective by urging us to forgive one another!
The truth is I have loads of people who I have forgiven without their knowledge but guilt and pride will not let them ask me. I used to have a very close friend and he told me that if I can’t date him we must stop been friends. He blocked me from all his social pages and blocked my number. I felt really offended by his actions and hated him. After a while I reasoned some things out and realised the hatred wasn’t needed. I forgave him and let peace reign in my heart. Two years after he reached out to me on social media platforms to ask for my forgiveness and I told him I have nothing against him as I had I forgiven him long before he even asked for it. I tell you he was shocked.
While it may seem forgiving others is to their advantage, you are really the one who benefits most. When you don’t forgive, it breeds anger and swallowed anger results in depression. When you choose to forgive others, you give yourself a gift. Once you decide to forgive, you can move on with your life instead of staying put in hurt and resentment, and in forgiving, you mirror a forgiving God who says:
  ‘’Make allowance for each other’s faults and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the lord forgave you, so you must forgive others’’ Colossians 3:13
So, this Sunday morning I urge you to forgive your spouse, siblings or even that friend who has offended you… it is tough and the devil makes it look belittling but I tell you God gives you the strength to get it done!
May he answer all our prayers in Jesus name.

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