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See no matter how amazing you are, everybody cannot say good things about you. Everyone cannot like you or what you do. If you are a bad person too, some will like you that way while others won’t.

Just as there are people who see me as amazing, who see me as doing a great work, who always call, text, encourage me, so also there are some people who dislike me and what I do.
Just as some people are being blessed by a certain group/company, so also some people loath the group/company with passion.
Life is too large to limit yourself. You are everything that you need to succeed. Don’t allow the world to tell you that you cannot, it’s too big a dream. You are all you need. If you know where you are now is not where you are meant to be try harder. Hard work ALWAYS pays. Keep at it.
Focus on those who appreciate you and your work and ignore the others. Your purpose is not to make everybody happy. You’re not money neither are you Nigerian jollof rice 😉

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