Hello lovelies, here is something for the petite ladies/women. Embrace your shape and wear cloths that accelerates your figure. Enjoy!!!! 

1. V-necks and scoop neck help elongate your look and flatter your petite frame.
2. Stick to monochrome outfits or outfits with few colour variations.
3. Make sure your tops stops at the hipline or above. Longer tops will make your legs appear even shorter.
4. Fitted clothes are usually better for you and avoid oversized clothes.
5. If you can’t find clothes that fit perfectly, find a good tailor.
6. An obvious way to gain height is to wear heels. Don’t blow it out of proportion tho. 😜
7. Your legs will be relatively short. To make those appear longer you can wear the same colour belt as your pants or skirt.
8. Wedge heels will look to boxy, so best to avoid them and opt for more elegant styles.
9. Avoid short trousers and pant that stops at the ankle.
If you ever felt that being shorter than average stands in your ways of looking absolutely fabulous, think again.
If you are petite and have some tips that I did not cover here, please drop them here.
Anticipate on how to know your body shape in the next post. #hugs 

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