Rome was not built in a day. That quote has been in use for so long. Imagine when they were building Rome, how many people worked on it. Rome is a far-fetched example; look at the world we live in. You can’t survive with the sun shining all day; 24 hours of sunlight, no night, humans will die. That is why all the elements of nature work together as a TEAM to bring comfort to humans.
Note the verb TEAM. What is a team? Does working with a team to make room for more creative ideas?
TEAM is a set or group of people with the same goal. “Two heads are better than one,” says a quote. You love babies and want a baby, you need to meet up with an opposite-sex to reproduce; TEAM. A group of 11 players on a football field playing to win a game; TEAM. A group of scientists working on a project; TEAM. Everywhere you see a team working towards a particular goal.
Steve Jobs said, “Great things in business are never done by one person; they are done by a team of people”. A problem can be solved by an individual. Imagine you want to cook rice; you start with boiling the water, then washing the rice and pouring the rice to the boiling water. But let us say your sibling is around, he/she may say measure the rice, wash it. While you are washing the rice, he/she is boiling the water and when you are done washing, you pour the rice and he/she says you should add a pinch of salt. Eureka! You just find another idea of how to cook rice when you team up with your sibling.

In a team, you combine the team member’s point of view to create sustainable solutions to a problem. Have you ever heard of a hackathon? Hackathon is an event designed for software developers, graphic designers, and interface designers to create usable software. Hackathon at Nigeria university level involves students coming together as a team to offer sustainable solutions. On average, a hackathon team consists of four people with different strengths and weaknesses. The labor market is becoming challenging for an individual to head into and bring something out of it. In a team, there is a need for everybody to level up. Team members build on the talents of their fellow members. For example, a team that comprises of four people. Member A is a creative thinker, Member B is good in organization and planning, Member C is a diplomat and Member D is good in motivating people. They combine their unique methods and produce creative products.
Moreover, the best teams in the world have different personalities and abilities within the team. The combination of these unique qualities attributes to their creativity. Everybody loves Davido (Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer)  his songs and his personality. But when he combines his song prowess with his DMW teammates, they unleash interesting songs to their fans e.g. Aje by Davido, Peruzzi, Yonda and Fresh VDM. Even, in sports, we have a team. Serena Williams is a good tennis player but she has a team. She teams up with a coach who enlightens her on her profession. She sometimes teams up with her sister to play doubles. The beauty in playing doubles is spectators won’t know the flaws of the team. One member covers for the other.
Apple Inc, Microsoft, Paystack, Twitter started off as a team. They achieved a lot with their team. The Beatles, One Direction, Maroon 5, King Sunny Ade crew and Chainsmokers are team members and they are well known in the music industry.
We have seen many individuals achieving things by themselves. There is an African proverb which says “if you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together”.Teamwork is a vital building block to a remarkable/landmark success in businesses, projects, and experiments!!

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