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I can’t even afford to be a mediocre because the company I keep are always pushing me to do better, get better & also aim higher. Against all odd, there are certain people who believe in me and I can’t disappoint them. When I wrote my A levels exam and the results came in I couldn’t take it home out of fear of what my
parents will say but there was this friend of my who told me “Vicki, you are more than this result. I know you are writing another exam and I believe you will do better than this”. He kept in touch throughout my other exam encouraging me and telling me to do better and need I tell you when the results were out, I did so well.

I also push them above limit, letting them know they can be the best in what they do. There was a time my friend had a poor result in a test while mine was high. I told her to channel her anger and hurt while reading for the exam and yes when the final results came in, she did so well.
Your company does not only determine your life outcome but also things you crave /aspire for. 
If you keep a company where excellence is their watchword, you too will crave for excellence. If you keep a company where acquiring properties is the in things there’s every possibility to pursue same. If you keep a company that has pledged allegiance with mediocrity, there’s a tendency of being infected with the disease.
So know what you want and always stand your ground; because two things are involved in being part of a company: You either influence them or you’re being influenced.

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