We all make choices in every aspect of our lives, and the choices we make define who we really are. Obviously, the matter of choice cannot arise if there are no options. This drives me to say that Life, at whatever period, provides us options for everything with the exception of nothing. Where we go, who we interact with, our utterances, our response to situations and so on are all as the result of the choices we make directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously.
How Can We Make Better Choices?
To make better Choices in life, AWARENESS should be taken into serious consideration. Have it in your subconscious that your decisions are based on your choices. Always be at alert at every point in time and every circumstance that you find yourself, that you are about to make a choice. Having this in mind makes you think of the results. 
Considering the options you have, you’ll try to foresee and predict the results of each option available and choose the one with the most satisfying result. Be sure to choose the option which results pleases you, not the option which the process pleases you, because it’s destination that matters, not the road. Everyone likes the results of success but few people embrace the process while no sane person cherish failure but the path pleases many.
Sometimes we make mistakes in our choices and end up getting the results we are not happy with. It is a part of Life, but the question is, how to do we handle such situations? The choice is already made and there is nothing such as re-choosing. It is Life, not a game, once it (a choice) is made, it is gone the only thing you have is make up and that is why we hear people say “had I known I would have………but I’ll do all I can to make up for it’’.
The first and most important step in handling a wrong choice situation is embracing the consequences. Many people make the mistake of running away from the consequences of their choice and so they give excuses for making the wrong choices. Instead of giving excuses, accept the consequences of the choices made. After all, the choices you make is the reflection of who you are.
The second step is to find other options to alter the results to what pleases you. Embracing the consequences makes it easy for you to see your mistakes and increasing your chances of making up.

Your Choice Is a Reflection of who You Really Are.

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