Take steps towards the actualization of your dreams, whether small or big… they add up in the end but while you are at it DRESS WELL!
Ever wondered what you can wear to work or class on a day like this?
Today I’m styling this beautiful yellow sleeve top for a pop and pleasant contrast with a wide leg pant in burgundy for extra elegance with a chunky nude shoe and black side bag, you can accessorize if you want to. Your dressing doesn’t necessarily have to be too serious but super stylish and chic.
So choose your styles accompanied with the colour you so please and work with it. But like with everything else in life, if all else fails, forget the rules and wear whatever in the world you feel good in. Who made these rules by the way?
Enjoy the pictures:

What are your thoughts about this look and where will you rather wear it to? Share with me in the comment section…
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What I’m wearing:
Top: 99posh outfit
Pant: 99posh outfit
Side bag: (Ordered from Amazon)
Shoes: 99posh outfit
Wristwatch: Naviforce 

Invest your energy into something that is going to contribute to your growth.

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