Guess who clocked one on the 5th of January?
Better late than never right?
Wow! Have I really been running this little space of mine for a year already? It honestly doesn’t feel that long just yet. I can still remember how I abandoned the blog in 2016 and how in December 2017 I thought to give it another shot. I also remember my very first post like it was yesterday and right now, I’m celebrating a year since I relaunched the blog. Whoop Whoop!!
Right from the first blog name (who remembers what the blog’s first URL was? lol), the name change, getting my own domain, working with brands, launching VOB caps, hosting an event, it has been a year of constant growth, amazing opportunities and definitely lots of lessons.
These past few weeks have been a bit trying in terms of keeping up with this space, preparing and writing my final exams. I must admit that this blog would continue to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. 
I  already talked about the six lessons I have learned when I celebrated my 6 months blogversary in this post, and in the spirit of reminiscing/celebrating growth, I will like to share a few tips that have helped me since I started blogging. Maybe, this might also be helpful for anyone looking to start their blog soon.
1. Understand  that writing the content is just one-half and promoting it is a major key
I was so shy to promote my post on social media or tell anyone, I kept thinking the blog will announce itself, lol. Social media is very important in growing a blog post. Use it to your advantage.
2. Network with other bloggers
Blogging networks are your greatest resource. The world of blogging is new, ever-changing and there’s a lot of uncharted territories out there. Problems pop up out of nowhere and it’s hard to know how to fix them or what path you should take. Let your fellow bloggers guide you.
3. Consistency
This cannot be overemphasized. I know how frustrating it is to create good content but the traffic is very low. Keep at what you are doing. It might look like you are just buying data subscriptions for nothing and posting but trust me people are watching. Keep working. That massive traffic will come and the money also will pop. 😉😉

3. Pay attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
I was so nonchalant about this until I started complaining to a friend about how I always struggle to map out a good title.
* Make keyword research, whether you are writing a paragraph or an epic, none of it really matters without some quality keywords to get Google’s attention. This is why it’s important that you do your research.
* Speed up your website. It is extremely important that your website is loading promptly. Nobody wants to wait for the page to load.  Also, if you’re like me and you’ve never heard of google search console, you should totally check it out.
Getting readers to come to your website is another battle. They need to intuitively know where to go once they arrive. You need to take the time to consider the organization of your website so that it is easier for readers to access and find their way around. And then think of ways to encourage readers to continue discovering your work, like adding a section with related posts.
4. Stay true to yourself
One of the challenges of blogging is that no matter who you are there will always be someone more successful. There will always be new trends in social media and blogging, and it can be very easy to start presenting yourself in a way that is not at all representative of who you actually are. But I want to challenge you to own who you are. It doesn’t matter if you never get above 200 views, please don’t change yourself so that your blog will do better. It’s very stressful and not worth it. Plus, your readers will see right through you. Blog in your own way, grow, get better.

How to deal with peer pressure: a self-approach

If you are a blogger, I will love to know a portion of the things you wish you had known before in your blogging venture as well! Also, in case you’re a new blogger, what are you battling with right now? 
Its been an Amazing One Year with all of you! No, Really I mean it. I’ve met awesome people through this blogging thing. Chill, do I really have to mention names? So here’s to all of you who continually indulge me, may the odds always be in your favor. You, who have left me a sweet email, message, or those four words “I love your blog” that will always make my heart grin, may your paths always be fixed with blooms. Thank You for the support!!
Oh, and of course, let the congratulatory messages roll in.


  • Unknown
    February 3, 2019 at 5:29 am

    Congratulations Victoria. Cheers to the many wins ahead!

  • Victoria Oyedepo
    February 3, 2019 at 8:41 am

    Thank you so much Temitope😍

  • Lustre
    February 5, 2019 at 10:15 pm

    It is never too late.
    Pardon my lateness all the same.

    Congratulations dear.
    I wish and really hope for more and more and more and more for you and the blog.
    You're going places.

    VOB to the world y'all…😛😛😛😛😛😛😛


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