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Keep the confidence notwithstanding when you believe that things can’t get any worse, and they do!!
Hold the spirit when bills are heaping up, debtors are exploding your telephone, you got no money in your pocket, doctors have done all they can, yet there aren’t any changes, your grades are going down terribly, your family is tearing apart.
Honey, you haven’t the faintest idea about how you are going to escape this circumstance. BRACE UP
Hold the vision of what you need. Say to yourself ‘’No matter how awful it is, or how terrible it gets… I didn’t come this far to give up!’’
We spend so much energy focusing on where we are at the moment and not where we are going. That notion needs to be corrected.
Spending so much energy focusing on your challenging circumstances or situation would only succeed in shaping you to see and experience life, only from a negative perspective. Instead of draining oneself worrying about the present issues of life, I would rather, you hold the vision of a beautiful future and start co- creating with angels. Don’t allow current harsh conditions to shape your life and your future.
Determine not to focus on the negatives around you but learn to speak life to your circumstances, situations and challenges.
Keep on believing in supernatural occurrences. Keep on standing your ground and work as hard as you can with everything in you.
Also devote your strength bringing to reality positive thoughts that feed your spirit, your soul and your mind.
Finally, consistently accept that life’s challenges can only wreck you whenever you give in.
In addendum, remember there is power inside of you readily available to help you overcome any pains and tribulations.
Keep the belief. For at any minute your life would improve.


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