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Once you know what body type you are, you can begin to work with your body shape rather than against it when choosing clothing.
There are 8 major body shapes:

1. Straight/Rectangle body type
2. Pear body type
3. Spoon body type
4. Hourglass body type
5. Top hourglass body type
6. Inverted triangle body type
7. Oval /Apple body type
8. Diamond body type.
As females, our body types often change over time. Whether the change is due to puberty, childbirth, weight gain or weight loss, we are often left at a loss as to how to compliment or even understand our new body shape. Just shop your shape. As you change, help is here for your transition.
I’m not following any particular order, so please bear with me.
A wide torso, broad shoulders, an average to fuller bust, undefined waist, thinner arms and legs, flat butt, hips that are narrower than your bust. You don’t have to have a very large belly to be oval/apple shaped, it just means that your center of gravity or your extra weight resides in your belly area.

1. Neck lines
    Fairly low neck lines, love v-neck, boat necks and wear wrap tops. 
2. Collar styles
    Open shirt collars and small lapels are great for an oval/apple body shape. 
3. Sleeve styles
    Show off the parts that you love about yourself e.g your shapely arms or beautiful shoulders. 
4. Tops and shirt 

  • Tops with diagonal lines. 
  • Monochromatic looks great as well, try to go for a top and trouser/skirt in the same colour. 
  • Well structured fabrics are great for your tops and shirt. They conceal your tummy and create a rigid shape that creates balance with your slim legs. 
  •  Avoid crop tops and skinny tight tops that mark every bulge you wish to disguise.  
5. Vest
  Your vest should cover the middle and not be too figure-hugging. 
6. Jacket styles
   Jackets are better short (hipline short)with structured lines and fabrics, with buttons below the bust line. 
7. Skirt styles
   Knee length, A-line and pencil skirt looks amazing on you. Avoid ruffled skirt style. 
8. Trousers
   Choose pants and Jeans with flat front, mid or low rise, boot cut, cargo pocket or flared. The skinny jeans or leggings look is possible for you; it depends on the dress you wear with it and the footwear. High-waist or pleated pant is a No No. 
9. Accessories
   Draw the eye away from your tummy with earrings or hair ornaments, but stay away from portly jewelry close to your bust. 
10. Shoe style
   You can wear a lot of colour and detail in your shoes. When buying shoes you should look out for some balance out your top half with some substance e.g shoes and sandals, wedge sandals, strappy sandals and ballet flats. 
11. Bags
   The size of your bag is important. If you are small, better choose a small handbag. Over the shoulder bags should not sit below the hips, of the shoulder bags should hang at the level of the best for an oval/Apple body shape. If you are big, choose a bigger handbag from medium size to large bags. You have a wide range of choices.
Inverted triangle body shape is next. Wait for it 😉

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