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Hello revered readers, how are you doing? How has the week been? Mine was workful reason why I have not posted. Anyone missed me a bit? Lol. Anyways I’m currently at the salon for a head massage( if theres anything like that😉), I need it.
So I’ve decided to talk about shorts and I am starting with Ankara fabric.
Ankara print fabrics are just fantastic as you can turn them into any style and they would look absolutely fabulous. Contrary to popular belief Ankara print shorts are pretty comfortable as all other fabrics are and styling it is endless.

Remember how we paired vest with shorts when we were much younger? That’s exactly what I replicated here, instead of the usual ankara jacket nd shorts. I’ll implore you to just have fun while rocking your ankara shorts. For your footwear you could choose between sneakers, sandals or heels or flats depending on the occasion.

Happiness looks fantastic on you.

whats a weekend without my signature pose

What do you think about this outfit and where will you rock it to? Do well to let me know in the comment section, I’ll be waiting for you there😋.

Enjoy your weekend and lets not forget to support our own for todays match( I’ve decided to reserve all my comments)



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