Yaaay its the end of the week💃, today is the last Saturday in October and my energy level is extremely high. I’m certain you know as of now yet please enable me to repeat it to my new readers ( I stated, new readers since I saw a huge traffic 😉, thank you so much and it’s great to have you on here). Its the Breast Cancer Awareness and examination program coming up live in my University. I expounded on joining forces with hospitals (here) and foundations to influence the program to occur yet I didn’t perceive any reaction so I chose to make it happen (recall that saying about Mohammed setting off to the mountain if the mountain would not go to him?). I got conversing with two friends, Tijesunimi Awotoye of Ladies of Delights Foundation and Tosin Abejide, CEO House of Rheevo, a makeup artist. We conceptualized on a lot of things, got specialists on board (a few nurses even volunteered to come when they caught wind of the program). Finally, the program will happen today by 2pm at SHG Common room, support, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun State. I can’t wait to meet you. You can also follow the live update on twitter, my handle is @officialvoblog.
Now to the business of the day.
Personally, I am a fan of mixing bold items with simple or monotone pieces. This high waist skirt is a bold piece that is vibrant and when paired with this long sleeve mint green top, gives a fresh feel to the look. I completed the look with purple sandals heels to complement the skirt. 

Did you see the pocket on the skirt? (that was the main way I could easily raise the skirt as I did in the above picture). All things considered, I am an enormous devotee of pockets, growing up I had pockets in the entirety of my dresses and I mean down to my school uniform (lol). When considering making me a dress do well to incorporate pockets in them and watch how big my grin will be.

Thank you always for stopping by, have a lovely weekend.


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