It was a good year for me and I cannot help but shed tears of gratitude that I made it this far and I am alive to move into another year. I made friends that became family and my life officially started. Did I make mistakes? Yes I did, did I regret some actions? Yes.
It was a really good year, so many people consciously and unconsciously have made me who I am today. To everyone who takes out the time to advise me or criticize me constructively, to those who cheer me, pray for me and motivate me, thank you, everyone. May God bless you all.
I really hope I could be a source of inspiration to young people out there, without sounding like an inspirational drumbeat and make them realize you can do it without the dirt so while I am doing that which I love I also get to concentrate and help youths and other people who need help whether they know it or not.
I Just want to take out time to appreciate everyone who has made blogging a memorable adventure.
For all the comments, likes I appreciate all.
I will like to, if I may, take out time as well to take stocks. You know, like a feedback kind of thing.
I know I enjoy writing. I may not be a fantastic writer but I know the feeling I get when I finish writing, it is an indescribable satisfaction stringing words together and pouring out my thoughts on a computer, phone or on a piece of paper.
The funny thing is that the inspiration just comes out of the blues, hits me hard and I am restless until I pour out my thoughts.
I will love to read from you. Honest, sincere assessment of everything you have read here. How I bored you, how I irritated you, how I made you think or cry or smile or laugh or hiss or whatever!
You want to know the honest truth? I am also a reader on my wall…I usually reread my posts, like you, dear readers, I get all sorts of reaction within.
Here is a personal e-hug to each and every one of you.
Happy and prosperous 2019
So let’s roll.
Which was, were your best posts here? Which did you enjoy reading the most?
Which made you think? Cry?
Which pissed you off the most?
Let’s keep the comment coming in..


  • Lustre
    December 29, 2018 at 7:14 am

    To be sincere, Victoria, thank you for all you do.
    There were so many posts I'd read and be like whao, just whao, I cannot pinpoint because they're lots of them, a whole lot, is it the fashion posts I should talk about, how yo make fashion look simple and easy, how you look dazzling in jaw dropping pictures…
    I can't categorically pinpoint these posts, they're much, they're full of life and inspiring.

    There was this post, "One of the lessons 2018 taught me is never to quit attempts. Failure is a piece of life. Failure is alright" I was going to finish reading and drop my comments that quitting is never enough and make it short and simple but I found myself talking about a course I'm retaking, I was going to cry😭😭😭😭 spilling that out but theeeeen, I'm not defined by failure; the post made me reflect on finding a way out and become well again, I was going to cry, Victoria😭😭😭, but I'm more than a conqueror.🙌💪💯

    Thank you for giving me the avenue to reflect upon myself and be better this year 2018.
    I look forward to more than more come 2019👌.


  • Ladies of Delight
    December 29, 2018 at 9:49 am

    No thanks to network that has not allowed me post a comment in a long while 😞Thank you Vicky for your consistent work on the blog! you encourage and inspire me… Your motivational posts are super timely…I love all of the posts(not even joking) I love that you share your personal experiences with us, your readers… You rock Queen! cheers to greater wins in 2019…Your blog is going places! you ain't seen nothing yet.

  • Unknown
    December 30, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    For listening to that voice in you and sharing these wonderful stories with us. 2018 was indeed great but as expected, it's just a shadow of things to come, because 2019 promises to be greater.
    I love your growth game sweets!


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